When was the last time you updated the "software" in your mind?

I offer a way to decisively rewire your brain for more focus, success, and fulfillment in 8 weeks or less! A powerful, personalized, and innovative solution for lasting and profound mindset and behavioral change. 

You are a 6 figure + professional.

A high performer and achiever.

A leader and a pace-setter.

A forward thinker and a purpose-driven entrepreneur...

...and yet you want more. There are patterns and cycles that keep you from being inconsistent in your professional and personal goals that you want to break. You may feel frustrated, stagnated, and even unappreciated. Or maybe you feel burnt out, out of control, even sometimes spiraling. You find yourself asking, "how did this happen?"

What would it look like to get out of your head and your own way? To end bad habits that sabotage you from handling situations with ease and grace? To let go of doubt or feeling undeserving? To get clearer on your goals and values, then got your life on track with that? To have genuine faith and confidence in yourself again?

Now ask yourself, what will your future look like if you don't? If nothing really changes in your business, income, or life? If you continue to feel as if you're going nowhere? With these internal distractions, coupled with external demands and challenges, there's not much time left at the end of the day to think strategically about the future. Without this, many people get the same results year after year. What's that cost you? How much will it cost you in the future? 

The problem is we have patterns of thinking and behaving that contribute to and intensify uncomfortable situations. That causes both internal and external conflict. That block us. That takes a toll over time.

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How many of you have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on therapy or personal growth but still feel that something was missing? Or came home from courses so energized about your breakthroughs and all the new possibilities of what your life can be! Only to run into a series of speed bumps then plunge into a low because of unmet expectations? Or read books or watched videos, and you get the message, but can't seem to apply it to your life as easily? HOW do you take ACTION on what you learned and turn it into revolutionary and decisive habits?

Here's the problem:

1. We have patterns of thinking and behaving that contribute to and intensify uncomfortable situations. That causes both internal and external conflict. That block us from moving forward. 

2. Furthermore, most programs spend a lot of time delivering great content. They take you and everyone else through powerful, yet one size fits all, processes. Then they invite you to continue learning with them to deepen your education with another standardized course. This is the old way.

The issues with the old way:

1. They don't always have enough time to give us personalized, guided attention to uncovering what specifically, in our subconscious programming, is acting as our blind spot that's keeping us stuck seemingly just 3 feet from gold.  Because if we knew what those blind spots were, they wouldn't be an issue, would they? 

2. They don't have a process to help us integrate the finer points into our everyday lives. Or guide us to become aware of the subtle nuances about our own programs or environment that could sabotage us in the future.

It's not a good or bad thing, it just is. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge advocate for ongoing education. I attend them myself to keep current, and I encourage anyone to always continue learning!

However, sometimes you may need personalized attention from someone who can surgically dissect an issue. Then construct the quickest and most effective process to get the results and make it stick!

Sometimes even though you have a breakthrough, you may need someone to create new, supporting beliefs and habits around it. To help you have a strategy in place when things don't go your way to deviate from the path. To customize a way to integrate it into your life. 

And it's nice to have someone by your side who's intimately and intuitively familiar with this work to guide you along the way.  

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Here's where I come in. I am not a coach. I'm a transformation strategist for your life and business. I do a laser-like analysis to uncover and neutralize any of your subconscious, limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past. In essence you are upgrading and updating the software in you mind! We'll also create a new, healthier belief to replace the outdated one. Finally, we will customize a plan to help you integrate it into your life. When you’re done, we’ll have uncovered and defined your unique core values and integrated it into all areas of your life.

And, most importantly, give you some no-nonsense, tough love to hold you accountable to your plan. Because getting a six pack is simple, keeping it is the hard work.

My aim is not to have ongoing sessions for the same issue. In fact, I pride myself in eliminating a new layer with every session. We get to the root cause and resolve the issue once and for all. I also equip you with what you need to maintain your progress. Then we move on to tackle any other issues that may arise. If I can't achieve this with you, I'll let you know so you find someone who can. That way, neither of us wastes our time. And you can count on absolute discretion.

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Jade Goodhue

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